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Capone_SS said:
Well I don't plan on going around corners all that fast.I just don't want to pay that much for something that I will never use or hardly use.The man reason I'm getting the cobalt s/c is because of the power they have and the look of them.I don't plan on doing any racing unless someone pulls up to me and wants to see what it can do, and I know when I get my cobalt it will happen all the time since there are tons of hondas,srt 4's,evo's,wrx's,and eclipse's where I live. I'm still thinking about getting the g85 package, I guess what I'm looking for someone to say is it will make the car a lil faster or give it better accleration. But I guess I could put it on there anyway just incase I need it one day.
well if you do decide with lsd,expect to wait a LOT longer for your car. I've
been waiting since 01/21/05,and GM STILL hasn't preferanced my order. :mad:
you'll have to wait for a '06 model,as they(GM)aren't accepting any more
orders on '05. LSD on this car is helpful under certain circumstances,but
sounds to me you wouldn't be pushing it into that realm. BTW I ended up
dropping the LSD package on mine because I need a car soon. I'm not happy
but weighing the issues I think I'll still will be happy with my car,
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