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Yep, Made A Trip Out To Tucson And Phoenix, for no reason at all! Got some good pics! My Friend Justin (slow04srt4 on srtforums) has some videos of races from last night! And The Cobalt SS Did Really Good Out There! Lower Altitude Rocks!

First I Had To Bring Protection!

I Saw Trucks On Fire!

Big Guns!

A Cool Sign/Exit

Went To The Homeland!

Said What Up To Jon!

Took a Sticker For My Moms Car!

Had To Get An SRT and The SS Together In A Shot!

And Ate At The Best Burger Joint Ever!!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

It was Way Fun Out There! Could Not Get Enough Of Jack In The Box! And Met Some Nice Folks Out There! Speedway Equals My Montgomery Up There In Tucson!

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