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MY GTP 8 U said:
I hate to put down magnuson because they make such awesome S/C kits, but I think the better option for you guys would be to port your own blower and intake, buy a pulley, buy your own exhaust, and either buy your own programming software when it comes out or get your car dynotuned at a shop that has a programmer than can be used on your cars. The porting should be pretty cheap, especially if you do it yourself(only cost would be a Dremel and a bunch of bits), the pulley gonna cost between $150-200, a programmer we have yet to see a price, but HPTuners costs around $500 so figure that as a worst case scenario or you can dyno tune for a few hundred, and the exhaust should cost around $500 for a catback. So you might be looking at $1500 bucks or so to do it all yourself and probably see the same power gains.

I don't see why you would do it yourself when WOLFEMAN would or could do it for $500 dollars more, with some kind of warranty! I think the warranty part would be priceless, if you do it yourself then their goes the warranty. Just my .02!

I would also like to mention that only time will tell, and of course $$$$ that you have to spend.

WOLFEMAN1981 said:
yeah 2 G's is alot, but thats ABOUT what its going to cost through my shop INSTALLED!!! without voiding the original warranty and getting a warranty thru magnason.
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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