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any MN peeps with a Cobalt SS S/C??? we have about 5 Redline owners that get together here.
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is that the red one from main motors? if so, i almost bought it
I have no clue that they had a Red SS I know were Main Motors is it's like 10mins away from my house but if you guys wanted to get together and take some pics just let me know when and where I am down..
dude come to our NW meet tomorrow. it at culver's off bass lake road

it's the Quinwood location
Sorry bro I didnt see the post if you want I send you a PM and you can call me and we will sent something up... Ryan
sounds good.

anyone here with a black cobalt ss on hwy 55 yesterday around 5pm
Hey guys, just wanted to say hi and let you know there's another Minnesotan with an SS. Bought it around July 15th from Village Chevrolet in Wayzata. It's victory red. Give a honk if ya see me!

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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