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Hey everyone, i got to thinking today as i scrolled through the site. I noticed how dificult it is to find a specific mod, where to get the parts, and how to do it. So i thought that possibly someone could put together like a master database which would be organized by type of mod, brand, where to order, and installation process.

HKS-(Name of product/part number)

Installation notes:
"Cut this, move that, weld that, bolt here, you're done!"

Website to order from www. (for example)


And then you could go down the list of manufacturers who make that specific upgrade. You could also post what kind of power/handling upgrades that part gives you. This would allow people to easily look down the line and see what the best product is power per dollar wise. I think it would help alot of people out who are looking to do some modifications and need somewhere to start looking. It's just a thought, but would be pretty cool if completed. Anyway, i'd like to get some input from people, especially moderators. Thanks.
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what your asking for is a "how to" forum.... this place does need one. neco and ceg had an awesome how to, alot of them were pictorials and was pretty slick.
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