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Mods for AutoX and Road Racing

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What would be some good mods to help me in AutoX and Road Racing? I am really going to be getting serious into it next spring and summer. going to spend the winter to tune

I was going to invest in rear anti roll bar(progress) GMPP front rotors (of course I am buying my own helmet tired of renting) thinking about Dezod 2.75 exhaust.

thinking about Toyo Proxies T1Rs
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you may think i am crazy, but i am telling you if you have never taken an advanced drivers course start there. you can bolt on anything you want on to your car, it may go faster, it may slow down cause you cant drive. example, my boss has a 600hp stang, he went to an event in indi, fastest car there......bone stock stang. the guy knew how to drive.
Driver Mod > Car Mod in Auto-X Look at Hankook Tires. I love mine
What everyone said is right but also if you have never done it before, do it with your car stock and you can determine what you think needs improvement.
Going to Road Atlanta in June/July for Driving school. Driver mod...Check car stock...Too late. see sigs for mods
I’ve finally decided to go the next level. I’ve got hundreds of hours with most of the Gran Turismo games wheel and pedal setup. I’ve been behind the wheel of a Ferrari 488 at PIR in Portland for 3 laps, and the new C8 at the MSR track in Houston for 3 laps. I want a track car of my own and ive settled for a DF Goblin That uses the Chevy Cobalt as a donor for engine, trans, and a few other component. Ive rebuilt V8s V6s and 4 bangers. I want to build my track car to be fast and reliable. I’ve decided I want the F23 transmission because it has plenty of options for upgrading or changing the gear ratio. For the motor I’ve decided to go supercharged. Everyone seems to go turbo and I don’t follow the crowd very well. After building the short block with forged parts balanced and the whole works and high flow heads… what kind of horsepower can I get out of a supercharger if done right? I would be very happy with 500+Hp considering the DF Goblin weighs about 1500 lbs. which is a very awesome power to weight ratio. Is this achievable with a supercharger? I know it’s all about flow on this kind of setup. I’m just curious about what kind of numbers people are getting going this route.
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