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i emailed marty last night from msds inc. about some cobalt ss headers. i'm sure most of you have already heard of the brand. when they do it, they do it right... this is the reply he sent me:

Sam, nothing in the works at this time . We do get small internet niche groups now and then with special requests (like yours) for headers. It's a costly process for us to tool up and then only sell 20 or 30 sets. The other problem is that we get copied by Weapon R or OBX in China, making it all the worse for our dollar input concerns.
Check back with us after SEMA '05, we will see if there is much interest at the show for that model.
Thx. [email protected]

so they might do something, but there's gotta be some serious interest. so for you guys that are interested in them, go ahead and spread the word. post this around a bit if you can.
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