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My buddies SS

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My neighbor picked up his Cobalt SS on 3-12 and he brought it over to my house. Here are some pictures of it. He bought it as a commuter car to get back and forth to work and have a little fun. Basic mods will probably find their way onto the car.

It's pretty quiet inside and comfortable. There's almost no leg room in the back with the front seats pushed all the way back. It doesn't feel nearly as fast as the SRT-4 we test drove a few weeks ago, but this car looks more appealing. He was hoping to hear a little bit of "whine" from the supercharger, but it's pretty quiet also. The Ion Redline seemed to have that supercharger sound to it, but he really didn't want to buy a Saturn.
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I'm sure the stereo system will sound good enough to not put in an extra 200LBS!!! into your trunk and completely destroy your weight distribution ratio!!! Thats why I opt on leavin the stereo ALONE!!! Except for maybe the head unit and mids/highs. But I will be keeping factory amplifier for a while and factory sub. I'm pretty sure the added wight of a box, at least one amp for a system (sometimes two depending on voice coils and ohm levels - no need for anymore really cause you don't have enough room in that lil trunk) and usually two subs (per personal preference), would throw off the handling a lil. Thats an easy 100+lbs. in the back transfering the center of g-forces backwards... away from the drive wheels... more tire spin :(
Blazin Si said:
Lighter = better... for me anyways. ;)
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