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Hello Everyone!

I have a 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt SS and it has approx 168,000kms (80-90% Highway Driven) and most of these problems started around 125,000kms.

These are the problems I am having with my car:

1. Hand buttons on stealing wheel with cruise control and radio don't work most of the time. (Not too expensive so am going to have them replaced.)

2. Drivers side heated seat doesn't work anymore. Hasn't for awhile. (Its not something that is required, but in the cold Canadian Winters it is awesome to have and it ticks me off that it doesn't work.)

3. Rear defrost doesn't work anymore. Checked fuse and connection to window. Sometimes when the button is on and its not defrosting there is a burning smell. (If anyone has any pointers as to what I could check for this as the dealer charges so much!)

4. CD Player/Stereo display screen gets jumbled and can't be read sometimes. It also eats CDs sometimes so it won't eject them, therefore I am scared to put in CDs just in case I can't get them out. (Long Roadtrips aren't fun with the radio. Is it worth getting them to look at it? Cost wise at dealer?)

5. Engine light has been on for about 2-3 years and I get it fixed and about a month and it is back on! Tired of spending money! I've been in 3 times for the “check engine” light and each visit was apparently unrelated. (Same Code P1174). Injectors were replaced initially, then a thermostat & an oxygen sensor were replaced due to no heat in the vehicle (I have never had a problem with no heat), and the last time a camshaft actuator was replaced.

*Also I might add, when I brought it in the last time they couldn't figure out why my engine light was always on.*

6. The door sometimes won't open or close. Lately it has been ok. But I guess if something happens to me and I cant get out of my vehicle due to accident, etc. my parents will get a good check from GM).

I bought the car in March 2010 with approx. 25,000kms on it, and have driven it almost 90% on highways and in the country. I have performed general maintenance when it was requested, and feel like some of the items I have fixed, i.e. Fuel Injectors, should not have to be fixed. I was told by the dealer to use Two Tier Gas as this protects the motor etc. from future issues.

This is my last resort before I start selling organs to pay for this darn car to be repaired. In Canada we require emission testing and now they are hooked up to the computer instead of the exhaust, and when an engine light is on, its's an automatic fail. I am hoping maybe someone on here has had similar problems and therefore I can figure out whats going on instead of paying $80-$100 per hour for them to figure it out.

Thanks for your help!:eek:
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