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My car is preferenced...

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... whatever the hell that means. :) At least I know the dealer has the allocation for it. I figured production has to be on the up soon, so I'm figuring maybe 8 weeks before I get it. We'll see I guess!
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How long ago did you order it? I just ordered mine today fully loaded accept the XM and I'd be happy to hear ANY news about it.
Congrats on the order! :D I ordered mine about two weeks ago. I knew this was gonna be a slow process, so I called back two weeks later, and my salesman told me it was preferenced. I'll take it as good news, because at least that means the dealer has the allocation for it.

Salesman said I should get a 'tentative' build date in a week. It'll likely be 4-6 weeks before it actually starts being built. Add a week to actually get built, and another week or two to get to the dealer.... so I'm expecting it in about 8 weeks. Everything he told me seems in line with what everyone else on here has experienced. If your dealer does everything right, you'll probably get yours in anywhere from 6-12 weeks.
Congrats and good luck with the wait time!
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