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I have made a hybrid HID projector based of the already awesome Acura TL HID projector. The only problem with most bi-xenon 3" projectors is that they often come with a fresnel (rippled) les. While the TL's lens was decently clear for it being fresnel, the cutoff sharpness always left me desireing more.

So enter the 3" ZKW lens found on rare BMW E46 "ZKW" headlights which we only used on 2002-2004 BMW 330 xi or ix (whatever ) 4 door models. So finding those pesky projectors took some patience but man oh man did it ever pay off.

So this hybrid TL set-up has roughly $550 invested in just the projector pieces. Am I about HID or what? You damn right. That's not including ballasts, bulbs or labor time involved making these things

So now onto the performance of this hybrid modded projector. I have done several mods to TLs over the years as well as other projectors so I've fiddled with what works the best and all that. This is by far, the best combo that I've ever had or seen for that matter. Driving by another TL is funny because my hybrids blow them away it's not even .

So I'll copy/paste what I posted on my other board to save from retyping that info....

Trying to wrap up my own newest personal retro in time for the SRTNationals, using my latest....the TL/ZKW projectors.

I've had time to fine tune the aiming to perfect specs and I can't be anymore happier with this set-up. They are EXTREMELY bright and very wide now. When driving on a two lane road it swaths both sides with a crisp linear powerful beam that seems like 160 degrees width LOL. The beam is some powerful that the step and definition in the cutoff can be seen crisp up to around a 1/8th of a mile!! The simply destroy the S2K's I've had and rival width of any bi-xenon, including the Porshe Boxster-S which is just crazy wide by itself! They are what I would consider the perfect and best bi-xenon combo available. When driving it feels like this is what a LS430 must feel like, only with a super sharp and powerful intense beam.

Here are a few pics I managed to snap off for you all tonight.

Upclose on the front of my house the cutoff shows reddish orange colors and the beam is not sharp. About as sharp as a stock TL, only with crazy cool colors that will change as distance increases, you'll see......

So I backed up the hill of my driveway and was heading out. My neighbors are out of town so this gave me a good oppertunity to take a pic on a white surface. **Disregard the angled beam and height as I was on a slope on a angle pulling out of my driveway onto the street. ;). Anyways, as you can see the more distance I create the sharper the beam becomes as well as the intense purple and blue hues start to appear in the colorband. Check out the dark shadows on the right garage door. Notice that birght sliver of light not casting a shadow? This just shots how intense these bad boys are now!

And now for a cool shot showing just how powerful this beam is and how wide it performs. This is a long parking lot well over 100+ yards. The angle of the image kinda messes up the perspective but its a long parkling lot rest assured. FYI, those little white boxes way off in the distance on the right are full size white econo-vans just for reltive sizing. The camera did not pic up the beam on the left side of the parking lot. I guess because I was focusing the camera on the right side more so than the left so it concentrated there. I suck at taking night pics like this ](*,) . Yes, the white balance is off but you'll get the idea . Anyways, on the right you can see the beam shaprness and if you look in the distance you can actually still make out the "step" in the cutoff very clear and distinct. This lets you know how powerful this beam is now. Like I said, it can shott its cutoff up to a 1/8th mile and still be distinct and sharp heh :D
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