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We are currently looking for Photoshop's of any Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, and GM Cars from 1980+. The only thing we really need is a before and after picture of the chop. You must have the rights to the before and after picture if you do submit. Images need to be at least 800x600 @ 72DPI. Please be sure to include your name when submitting so we can give you credit. Please send all submissions for the magazine to [email protected]

We mostly look for chops where a lot of changes have been made to the car and/or background.

We can't pay for those who get in but if your photoshop is used you at least get a free PDF of the issue it's in and you get to have your skills shown to the world!

We might have a contest coming up soon posted on our web site with a starting image and we will see who can do the best job of making it into something new and realistic!
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