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need some help

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I am waiting for delivery on my black SS and I plan on putting a carputer (car computer) in the car. I want to put a OEM lookin tyouch screen moniter in the dash and the PC under the seat. I need a few dimentions tho, if anyone with an SS could grab me the dimensions in the pic and the largest box I can fit under the seat ide greatly appreciate it (all I need at about 3 inches under the seat is is feasable?)


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I was going to do this myself then ended up finding out for exactly what I wanted to do and the specs I was going to use, it would cost more than I wanted to spend on a car computer.
Were you going to get a pre-made carputer, if so which type were you planning to use if I may ask?
Check out also for a few ideas unless you already know exactly what you're going to do.
Carputrer specs

I need to know the amount of room I have under the seat before I know what box i will be using but I am thinking about an opus case or a trravla case. I am leaning towards the Travla 158 due to the available pci expansion slots. inside i would like to run an epia sp13000 with 512 MB DDR ram and a 100 GB 2.5" laptop HDD I am also looking at running an SB sound card (audigy... maybe???) i plan on havin a dvd slim drive in the case as lond as a slot load usb dvd drive fiberglasses in under my touch screen ( xenarc 7 or 8 depending on the dimensions of the dash) I also want to run GPS navigation probable copilot from what I hear its the best and NavVoice... dont know what I need to do for phone integration but down the line I would like to give it a shot. This is goin to be a really big and expensive project but I jave been saving for years and I have 4K saved just for my computer and audio work, plus I am frends with the owner of the stereo shop. Sorry for the novel. My AIM SN is DallaDallaDimSum if anyone has ne questions

ps MP3Car was the death of me.... i planned on just tossing my laptop into the car and MP3Car gave me soo many ideas, I am now spending double what I wanted to
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ha, I know the feeling there. I went to that site once with a few ideas and was like.....damn now I want to do this, and that, oh gotta do that too, how much is in my bank account????
I ended up jsut getting the Rockford Fosgate OmniFi system that has a 20gb HDD to put in the car, I will upgrade that later....I just downloaded 145GB of mp3's from here off of the server.
Then grab one of the Chrysler RB1/RB4 GPS Navigation stereos, then the UConnect which will integrate my cellphone but only works with bluetooth just lay the phone anywhere in the the call button in the car and say the name or number of the person you want to talk, viola.
It will be fine for me and will look nice and stock,lol.
I would like to see some install pics of your setup once it gets underway.
I wasnt planning on spending so much on A\V but I spend a lot od time in my can (hour commute to work and 3 hours to school) so I figurew Ill keep the car as long as I can and I will get my moneys worth....all I need now is the dimentions of under the passanger seat as well at the dash (radio plus unstar unit beloew it, I dont have onstar and never will so that will most liekly come out to in order to put a CD crive)

Thanx for the dimensions
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