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*New* AEM Fuel/Ignition Controller: powerful and cost-effective engine management solution

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The new AEM F/IC is a powerful engine tuning tool, designed for the management of aftermarket forced-induction added to normally aspirated vehicles. The F/IC features six injector drivers, a MAF/MAP intercept, two O2 sensor biasing circuits, onboard boost sensor and internal data logging. Another key feature is that the F/IC has the ability to retard ignition timing without effecting the proper variable cam timing operation. <br /><br /> The F/IC works with the factory ECU so it will not cause a check engine light (CEL). <br /><br /> Features:<br /> * Works with the latest OBDII vehicles INCLUDING variable valve control cars<br />
* Can either intercept the factory injector signals to add or subtract fuel, or drive extra injectors<br/>
* The only piggy-back system that can decrease injector pulse-width, allowing you to drive larger aftermarket injectors<br/>
* Timing retard control<br/>
* Doesn't interfere with the factory misfire-detection<br/>
* Drives high or low impedance injectors with use of Peak & Hold Injector Driver Box<br/>
* 21x17 maps with configurable load and RPM breakpoints<br/>
* Can be used to recalibrate/clamp your MAF, eliminating common problems with non-boosted factory MAFs<br/>
* MAP sensor for proper fueling in boosted applications (approx. 25PSI)<br/>
* Data logger<br/>
* Draws power from PC USB interface to make tuning quicker and easier<br/>
* Includes Windows PC-based tuning software<br/>
* Easy installation with available plug-and-play harness for many applications<br/>
The street price is expected to be $400-$425 not including harness. Harness pricing will be available on AEMs website/forum as soon as available.
The following harnesses are in development and will be released shortly. Many more to come:<br/>
* Acura RSX 02-06<br/>
* Honda Civic Si 02-07<br/>
* Honda Civic 01-05<br/>
* Infinity Infiniti G35 04-07<br/>
* Mazda Miata 01-05<br/>
* Nissan Skyline RB26DETT 89-03<br/>
* Nissan 350Z 06-07<br/>
* Scion tC 05-06<br/>
* Scion xA 04-05<br/>
* Scion xB 04-05<br/>
<a href="">Visit the Fuel/Ignition Controller product page on the AEM web site for more info.</a><br clear="all"/><br/><span style="font-size: 8pt;">This PostRelease(tm) is part of an advertiser-supported program that sponsors Cobalt SS Forums. This program delivers relevant news and announcements as posts within the Cobalt SS Forums forum.</span><img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0"/>
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