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Any of you guys play this game? What do you think of it?

New FREE online Pirate RPG to waste your time. This game is free to play and addicting as heck. It is completely browser based so you don't have to download anything.

It is a Pirate RPG called Rule the Seas. VERY fun and addicting.

Here is the link:

If you are interested, I will give you all some quick tips to get started!

-Dig for treasure 100x per day (you can do all 100 times in 1 shot)
-Lucky Dip once a day ($1,000 for ticket)
-As *SOON* as you get 25,000 gold, open a bank account, or you will get mugged!!! Deposit all money quickly into that account to prevent others from mugging you.
-Train as much as you get the chance. the better a house you have the better your training will be. Once buying a house, you lose all your awake points. Logoff will cause you to sleep and gain awake.
-Enroll in school after the lucky dip
-Don't do anything that requires more than 2 nerve until you get a couple levels, or you'll get raped
-Vote for the ruletheseas, and get 10 points everyday. You can sell each point for $150000 on the Point Market fast for quick big $$$$.
-sell the points in the market for cash.....most people will buy them quick for 150000.....whatever you do NOT use comma's for values..... like 150,000..... that will give you only 150.... type the whole amount like 150000.....but be carefull not to get mugged. Once the points sell, deposit that cash fast into your bank vault.
Ohh.... when selling points on the market.... go attack someone first and get injured.....when in the can sell points and nobody can mug you.
-Busting people out of prison is a really easy way to get levels and experence, but you have to have pretty high speed to be able to do it. It requires... lots of awake... Nerve almost full to full nerve.
-Bust people out of jail gives you 500experence points...Best way to honestly climb levels
-I found out that the best thing to do is stay in the Loading docks till level 4 where the big guys can't mug you that much....once past level 4 they kick you off the docks....
-Sometimes its hard to rate people under level 5. You can click the rate button and it won't give them a rate up untill they climb more levels. I think they are trying to fix that bug in the game.
-A rate up is always good and a message is cool to people who break you out of jail. I even got sent 1million once for breaking out a high level guy.Rating is just for status basically. Helps others know if your a bad guy or a good person so they won't keep attacking you online and sending your to the injury ward.
-The better the house you have, the more skill you get from training.
-doing crimes help gain experence and level up..You can gain 25 exp and 75cash but just stealing some rum... helps gain experence fast too when you can't break people out of jail.
-the treasure chest has 10million in it if you get lucky and figure it out...don't waste your time trying your user number devided by other numbers like other members want you to waste time doing.... it's all about luck.
-Don't waste money on seamenship....train your strength,speed,defense...later on work on your seamenship when you get a boat and higher levels.
-Awake refils when you log off at night.....sleep... the more awake you get the more you get out of training and doing crimes.
-While working..nothing happens... you gain money evey night when the next day arrives.
-Read the forum in there once in prison or in the Injury'll learn allot about how the game is played.

Oh, and mug a midget or whore while your at it for fun. (Some of the fun cromes you can do in the game.)

Good luck and have fun.
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