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new poll ideas?

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We need some ideas for a new poll, so let us know!
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We do a poll on the color of Cobalt's that every one is getting when they get there's.
Or how people will mod their cars!
Twincharged, nitrous, all supercharger, or any combinations.
What body kit they may get or they may not even get one.
That might be a good poll.
Who is switching out those rims in the first year ?
Damn 87CamaroPA you are full of good ideas ;)
ekool said:
Damn 87CamaroPA you are full of good ideas ;)
Thats not all he is full of!!!!! :D :D LOL, J/K 87CamaroPA. It was just too tempting
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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