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well the cobalt doesnt have a factory option for navi, so they dont have one for the cobalt, unless you can use the one for the yukon, which then youll have to change the pin outs on the plugs,while youll need the cd for it and probably an antenna or a dvd player from factory to make it work, not completely sure how that one works,along with your not even sure if itll fit. So what you can do is, buy an aftermarket double din, and harness, and install it that way. If you have the pioneer system, look on ebay or online for the harness kit you need to run/or bypass the factory amp depending on what your doing.It all depends on what you want to do.

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What Harness do i need for my 05-06?

Metra = 70-2103
Warning the Scosche, AI and Bluewave harnesses are for Saturn's... the plug will physiclly work but you will need to repin the speaker wires along with cut or remove the 2 red "jumpers". I dont recommend them but i have the part numbers listed.
Scosche = GM04B
American International = GM-4003
Bluewave = BW-H-GM20

I have an 07+ and need a harness, which one do i get?

Listed below are the expensive "module" harnesses for the second option look at question 7

Metra= non pioneer = GMOS-LAN-03
pioneer = GMOS-LAN-04 *retains onstar*

Pac= C2R-GM11 *without onstar*

Is there another solution other then the pricy gm lan harnesses for 07+ vehicles?

Yes you can buy the regular harness that will plug in but you will loose your door chimes.
Metra = 70-2202
Scoshe =
American International =
Bluewave =

What antenna adapter do i need for my cobalt?

05-06 cobalts need the GM antenna adapter
Metra = 40-GM10
Scoshe = MDA1B

07+ Cobalt's need the Chrysler antenna adapter
Metra = 40-CR10
Scoshe = CRAB

So I'm not sure what exactly a DIN is or what size head units I can fit in the Cobalt

In a nutshell the DIN size refers to how big the opening is to fit a new head unit. The Cobalt has a big enough opening for a double din and currently the kits made for it are Single DIN, Double DIN, and dual Single DINs.

Single DIN kit number
Metra = 99-3302

Double DIN Kit Number
Metra = 95-3302

Dual Single DIN kit number
Metra = 95-3302 (ISO mount only)
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