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Hi guys! Let me introduce myself to everyone! My name is Coco and I am a sales representative at, a brand new vendor/sponsor on this forum. On a personal note, I am 22 and my nationality is Chinese :D . I love cars! Hence, why I work for a automotive company.. hehe..

Okay…. Lets get down to business :D … I work for, “The Ultimate Automotive Marketplace”… The site made its official debut in the beginning of July 2005.. in a month and a bit, we have developed a strong database of products (1300+ quality products and growing rapidly).. Not alot of Cobalt SS parts YET, we encourage more Cobalt SS vendors to sign up, so we can hook up the cobalt SS crowd...

If you want to shop for an endless amount of different types of products and being able to compare prices… is your ultimate automotive shopping destination.. If you have parts to sell, sign up and list it! ITS FREE!!

If you are a vendor, and want to create a store on… PM me for our special Vendor program.. or automatically sign up on’s Store section… Stores are FREE for the first month!! Try it and see how much exposure you get! :thumbup: :thumbup:

Sign up today!!
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