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Just thought I stop and say hey.

My name is Paul. Just bought a 2006 Cobalt SS last monday. Its Black with Black leather, 5spd and almost everything else I could get on it. Tried getting the SS/SC, but no one in KC had one and I couldnt wait 3-4 weeks to get a car. With just getting back in the US after a year and not having any form of transpertation. Plus, if I did get a SS/SC my future wife would kill me when she gets here this summer from Germany. She told me no sport cars before I left. So, that meant no more BMW's, no more Camaro's, no more Mustang's. So, basically nothing fun. But, dont tell her the SS is pretty much a sports car and I'll be safe.

But, so far Im loving this little 4 banger. Not my normal type of car. But, its got a quite a bit power. I've never owed a 4cyl. Owned a 6cyl. But, that was a BMW 330Ci. Also had a few Camaro's and a '05 Mustang GT and a '71 Cuda(hense the screen name). But, all got sold when I moved to Germany.

Im glad this Cobalt I bought doesnt resemble anything I've seen in a lot of pics. I was a Saab tech and almost all the pics of Cobalts I've seen, the interior looks almost the same as the Saab Sport 9-3. And I hate Saabs with a passion. The only thing they are good for is getting a Swedish girl into bed. Ok, maybe not, you can pretty much do that without even trying.
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