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9am - 2pm (gates open at 8am for prepping the cars)
Limited to 30 cars (this means as many runs as you can make!)
21 spots filled - 9 left!

This is our local club ( that is doing this.

If you are looking for personal bests, this is the place to do it. We get 300' of VHT, not to mention, NRP is THE best track in the great lakes area. IF you have never been there, its nothing like lapeer, milan, or ubly.. this is a REAL track.

We run the tree, do tech, and have a GREAT time!

Cost = $45 to run $5 to watch

We usually go down thursday night, and stay at a hotel. This allows us to have a nice cool car for the racing.

We will have MANY different types of cars out there, camaros, grand prix's, an STi, GTO, SRT4 (may go 11's), chevelles, and many others.

If your interested, IM me at TMAXXASAURUS, or email at [email protected]

We dont make any money on this... its just for fun, and we are a few peeps short this year.

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