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Alright people, it's that time of year! I know we don't get enough traffic on this site to really warrant a thread like this, but gosh golly, I love baseball! And now that the game between Colorado and San Diego is behind us we finally have a final playoff bracket, which can be seen HERE. This thread is where you'll get to brag about and bash all 8 of the playoff teams, as well as those that blew it.


You can make bets, predictions... what the hell ever. It's October, baby!

I, for one, am a total homer, and can see my Cubbies faking their way to a World Series appearance, tho I'm enough of a realist to know that they'll probably be destroyed by whomever the AL puts out.


You can view the entire postseason schedule HERE. It's kind of disappointing that every single Division Series game (AL or NL) and the NLCS will be broadcast on TBS (except Game 4 of the ARI-CHI series, which for whatever reason will be broadcast on TNT). Fox will handle the ALCS and (as always) the World Series.
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