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Official Arizona SS owner thread

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Sign-in here if you own an SS and live in Az! MAybe we can get a nice group going and have meets, and pick on foreign sport compacts :D

I'll go first....'05 SS, red w/ red inserts, moonroof, Onstar. North Phoenix.
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Hey! Sorry, no SS, But i'm looking into a Rally Yellow LS. Wondering tho, I saw my first SS on the street yesterday. It was Arrival Blue Metallic, and I saw it driving east on Elliot road at Signal Butte road in Mesa, AZ Just wondering if whoever owns it is a member.
YES!!! I finally got my Cobalt. Not an SS, but I'm in love with it, i just put on a few hundred miles driving it tonight. But if your still interested, I got a 05 Yellow LS with Ebony interior, XM,AM/FM/CD/MP3 Player, Pioneer System,and ofcourse the 1SB Sport Package. It's the closest I can get to an SS, And thus far, i've loved every minute of it. Oh, I live in South East Mesa...
mind if i join in??? keep me informed please.
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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