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Official Arizona SS owner thread

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Sign-in here if you own an SS and live in Az! MAybe we can get a nice group going and have meets, and pick on foreign sport compacts :D

I'll go first....'05 SS, red w/ red inserts, moonroof, Onstar. North Phoenix.
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bump bump baby!
Cool, man. I just traded in my '03 SVT Focus to get this car. All SVT's kick ass! You live in phx area?
u gotta SS tedro?
nAw..not me. I live in North phoenix. You may see my car at ASU west, and on the loop 101 in Glendale. I've seen one other red one near me..If it's you.."Holla"
Sweet, you live right near me! I'm on 19th ave and Thunderbird. What color is yours? i bought mine a Sands chevy.
Hey, Hondaman! Don't steal my ideas :D ..hell yes, AJ..I may see you around then. you're right near me. Maybe we can plan a meet at pavillion on the 30th?
AJ, we should try to shoot for a meet on the 30th at the pav. I have three kids and a wife, so of course my schedule is never set in stone. But, if I take one the boys with me, I'm sure my wife wouldn't mind letting me go. let me know if you wanna do it.
It's off the loop 101, on Indian Bend Dr. in Scottsdale. It's in the mall parking lot, at the Mc Donald's. It's a huge car show. Sometimes hundreds of people show up.
1 - 9 of 24 Posts
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