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Opinons about the SS/SC from an old man..

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Hey everyone,

I've read a few post saying old people just don't get it when it comes to the Cobalt SS/SC, as you might guess from my user name I'm on the old side ( soon to be 58 ).

Like most of you I've seen the commercials showing the Cobalt SS with two other Cobalts playing basketball or what ever they were doing, after fewing that comercial I gave the SS quite a low appeal rating. :eek: I had never seen an SS/SC before that commercial and it did nothing to make me want to see one in person.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a SS in person for the first time, today I stopped at a local dealer who has five SS's on the lot and test drove one. I know longer rate the SS at the bottom of the list. :D The people in charge of commercials for the SS should be fired :mad: , this car is way too cool and needs to be promoted accordling. :)

I'm out of the car market at the moment but I can tell you that I will own one of these cars someday, so please don't include me in the old people who don't get it. :)

To all you guys/gals who own an SS/SC....congrats, to those of you who are getting one in the near future I made a good choice. :D

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Awwwww..thanks old man..Just kidding! In defense of our seniors, there was one tow days ago that walked past my car and said "wow, nice car!" So, SOME old people get it (wink).
Hey Ive said it before and I'll say it again you are only as "old" as you feel! Aging is unavoidable.... growing up is an option! ;) :D
What is being considered "old"? I am 31 and am picking one up today (actually the fiance is picking it up as I write this). I get it when it comes to sporty performance vehicles but I do not get the "ricers" so to speak. I will never understand, not stop making fun of, the 1992 Grand Prix that is rusted out but has a weedwhacker exhaust and a two foot tall aluminum F1 type spoiler!
Well as I have already let everyone know, I am 44 :p
I have had my SS/SC for a week now and I am loving every second I get to drive it.

CoBizzle, I agree with you, but since I am a Gulf War Vet, and have had some health problems(Gulf War Syndrome) the last 13 years, I am just now understanding your statement ;) Thank you.
CoBIZZLE said:
growing up is an option! ;) :D
How true, I've gone from a punk kid to a punk senior. :D I'll have plenty of time to grow up once I'm dead. :eek:

The best way to describe the SS/SC is simply to say it's a blast to drive. :cool:
I am old also and I was looking for a ss cobalt in feb.I came to the ss site and they were talking about a "saturn redline"so I jumped over too that site.
After reading the post's about the redline and a ss cobalt could not be had I bought a redline the next day.You are only as old as you want to be IMO and you like what you like age should not determine that.BTW I love the redline and would be just as happy with a SS Cobalt.
33 years old.... my motto" you're only as old as you think they are. im not in the market for a car either but i think that its good that the domestic market is getting involved in the "sport compact" car market. i just here to learn and help if anyone needs any.
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