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Ordering my Cobalt SS in a week, what color ???

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Im ordering my Cobalt SS in about a week and cant decide between Black or Red, either way im getting the black interior with red inserts, anybody have good pictures to compare ? I cant find black anywhere.
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I would get the red. The red/black interior will look cooler that way. My focus is black with red/black seats. Then i saw a red focus w/red/black seats, and it looked cooler. I'd say the same will apply for the SS too.
All depends man personally i like black but it hides details about the car, but with red ur a magnet for cops. So black with red inserts and red neons would look amazing at night.
I agree with both, I currently have a red car and get pulled over a lot, even though black hides some body lines it also makes a stealthy look. Looks like thats what im gonna be goin with.
My cousin has a 90' Ford Thunderbird SC it is red and at any stop people pull up to him. If we are in my brothers Forest Green 96' Thunderbird LX V8 we can never get anyone to pull up to us even if we really want to race.
Im leaning towards red, plus it would look better with a carbon fiber hood.
If I didn't have a choice at arrival blue, I would get black. I really like that blue :) as other people have said, cops love write-me-a-ticket red. My insurance company would love me if I had a red car. I'd stick with the black.
I like the red, but right now I have a red cavalier. So I plan on getting mine in black with the blue/black seats or the black on black. Not sure which. BTW does anyone know when the Cobalt SS is coming out?
I would personally go with the red, red is honestly a true sports car colour.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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