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Let me give you the lowdown. There is a guy at work who once I open the door, tries to barge it down. If you know what I mean. I don't want to not talk to him b/c we do have to work together and such. But he seems to think I should give him more special treatment than my other friends, etc. Like if he asked me a ? and I answered, if I didn't say enough, or he didn't get the answer he wanted, he'd say, "Well, you could have..." and I get damn sick of "you could have." I don't answer to him. He says I never said you did. Well, he sure acts like it. I never had to work so hard to have a friend. He's like a junior high school girl (If I didn't call you, would you have called me?)

Anyway I finally told him I have enough things to worry about without worrying about pissing people off; that goes for everybody, not just you. So after about four hours of emailing snotty messages back and forth, he wrote "God your assy."

So now I am assy. I told some of the people at my PT job at the Chevy Dealership about it. I like Brenda's take on it. She's a GM service writer. She tells it like it is. She said, "Some people just call for assiness." LOL
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