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Newbie here - building a Cobalt LS in to an asphalt oval track car. Hoping I might find suspension info here in the forums. I'm thinking swapping to the FE5 or SS suspension - sway bar, struts, springs, etc. - will stiffen up and lower my "left-turn-only" 2.2 non-VVT/EcoTec/5-speed Cobalt. We have a 5" ride height rule anywhere under the car. We can put unlimited camber in the right front, and (they call it) 1" of camber on the other three corners.

What all would I need to swap out the FE1 for FE5 front and rear? I know sway bar, springs and struts. I think new bushings for the heavier (thicker, 24mm) sway bar. Anything else?
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