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alright guys i have a truck that i put alot of money into and i have to sell all the goodies to get some goodies for the ss : )

first i have a clarion indash touch screen dvd player, its mint, i needa get like 900obo
then i have 3 12 inch alpine type r's in a custom box, which is tan and the front is louis vatan idk how eva u spell it.. want 600obo for subs n box

then i have a mtx 1501 thunder.. best amp i would say.. i paid 630 for it so i wanna get like 500.. if some1 buys the subs box n amp all together ill let it go for 1g .. i paid a little over 2g for the system.. everythign has warrentys and boxs.. if u wanna see some pics email me at [email protected]
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