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Here is BizoCG's new SS! Congratulations! :D


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very nice! Cobizzle you need to hurry up and get yours man.
Im lookin to get an 06, unless I can get rid of the Chevelle for a profit fast! Either Im gonna get it w/ in this GM employee pricing deal time (by getting rid of the Chevelle :( ) Or I'll be waiting for an 06 and keepin the Chevelle. Cant make up my mind?!?!?!
Hey Matt, you didnt by any chance used to frequent the forums did you?
sweet. I like the red seats.
I just wanted to tell all of you peps that I put some PIAA head lights in my SS there they are nice and bright.. Also I have talked to a couple of peps about mods out there and they said that if I was to do any mods to the engine that I would probley F-up up the engine they told me to hold off for now..
Sweet ride...same as mine cept no red seat inserts. Seeing these photos makes me wish I'd taken my new digital camera today(first time NOT taking it) because for the first time I ran into not just an SRT-4 but a Ion Redline at the mall parked side by side and I parked right there with them. Owners were no where to be seen but man it was cool parking beside them and I thought it would have made a great pic. Camera stays with me at all times now!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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