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Zilla, you were the one that originally took the pictures of the orange CobaltSS that was beside the CREC building in Oshawa.

Well I was curious what else they had so I drove down the parking lot and behind CREC (not where the employees park) there are many more cool cars!! There is even a red CobaltSS back there!

I was driving around in the parking lot directly behind CREC (the one that is open) and at the very front of the parking lot (closest to CREC) there is a beautiful blue-green crystal Grandprix GXP done to the tits. I was wondering if you could pop a few pictures of it and post them? I would but I cannot bring a camera on GM propertly or I might get fired. But you can!

Also next to the Red CobaltSS there is a CTS-V. I pulled right in between the 2 of them and thought to myself.. man .. right now i'm sitting in the middle of 600hp! WOW.

I think every highend car that GM makes is in that parking lot. There are a bunch of SAABs as well. very cool. It was like a damn car show.

Anyway, let me know if you will do this and if you understand what parking lot I am talking about.
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