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Do plugs wear out quicker on a F/I vehicle as compared to a N/A vehicle? If so how often should they be replaced and what is the best brand and type? I've never owner a car over 100000 miles and GM says factory plugs will last 100000 miles. Just wondering if the higher temps make plugs wear out quicker.
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Dunno. I'd feel better replacing them every 15-20k miles. Which is what i'll do on my SRT.
To me, here's the thing.... Sure platinum plugs last longer. I'm sure if GM says they're good for 100,000 miles without a change, then they probably do okay.

But new plugs are CHEAP. Especially when you're only buying 4 of them. 4 new plugs sets you back a whopping 15 bucks, and it's something you can easily do at home. Given that, why would you NOT change them more frequently? Even every 30k miles? Think of it this way, even if some fresh plugs get you only a 0.5% improvement in gas mileage, then they pay for themselves every 2-3 years.

I dunno. You'll be fine with the stock ones for at least a few years. Personally, I'll do mine every 20-30k miles. Why not?
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