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Problem with Cobalt SS

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Hi everybody,

I own a 98 ford contour svt :D and my buddy just got a brand new Cobalt SS (red). we were hanging out late last night at a local diner, when we both left...he called me a few minutes later and asked me to come back. as soon as he pulled away from the diner...his car threw the CEL and the display said "engine power reduced" :confused: . the car was idling rough and would not rev past 3000rpm. we got it towed back to the dealer (the SS has 220 miles on it :eek: ) and i'm just wondering if any of you have had similar experiences with your cars.

any advice or explanations are very much appreciated...i did get a chance to drive the car prior to this, and i must say it exceeded my expectations.

thank you guys. and please be nice, i'm a newbie looking for help.

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wow...31 views and no replies? let me know folks. thanks again.

I think a few others had the same problem. Not 100% sure though just check around.
O and welcome to the site.
Most of the issues seem to be a result of a worn wire in the engine bay. There have been atleast 2 or 3 cases on here already.
got a service recall on similiar thing. Recal # 05046.(jumper harness) can cause loss of power and engine code.
Sounds like it threw it into limp mode. Limp mode sucks ass when it happens. Makes you think the car is dying.
on two occaisions my car has just dyed and wouldnt rev past 3000 rpm havent got an engine code though seems the easy fix is to turn off the car and let it set for a few min and crank it back on and have fun!!! if it happens again ill most def take it to the dealer and tell them to fix it but i dont trust my dealer yet cuz we dont have the ss cobalt out here yet. got mine in south bend indiana on a road trip to see notre dame
these cars are very code happy. Next time it happens just reset the ecu and drive it to the dealer.
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