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Proud New Owner!

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Hey everone! Great news! My dad and I went to look and test drive a cobalt SS on Wed. at George Webber. Well, my dad liked the car and i liked the payments, so i now own a 2005 Black Cobalt SS with Red leather. It also has Sunroof, XM, and side airbags. Hopefully i can get a few mods for it. But i just thought i'd let everyone know!

BTW: I'll post pics tommarow after i wash it!
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I don't know why anyone hasn't given you a congrats yet, so let me be the first ;) CONGRATS, and welcome :D
CONGRATS! im second! lol
Congrats, post those pics when you can.
Congrats! Looks absolutely great man. Can't wait to see it after you're done modding hehe.
Stubbles do you live in St.louie by chance?I have seen three at the dealer down the street.Congrats anyway I do believe I have seen that ss before.
Chazb, no i don't live IN ST. Louis but about 30 miles to the East, by Belleville. I found the car through "Build Your Own" on the GM web site. Webber als o had a Yellow/Yeloow, Orange/Black, and A Red/Red, but the Red/Red was sold before i got there.
I have been watching the ss at weber for about three week's and kept wondering why they have not been sold in fact I even posted on this site that they were there.I am glad someone bought one and I wish you the best of luck with yours.
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