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dres said:
i know i dont own a ss but my work blocked srtforums, and i'm kinda bored. last night i was on the cruising strip in milwaukee, because my friend just got a s2000 so we wanted to test it out. i was out with my srt4. well to make a long story short i was racing messing with a rx7 and passed a cop. oops. he pulled me over and asked for the standard stuff. asked how fast i was goin, then asked if i was racing. i said no at first then he kept saying are you sure, and what now. i finally said yeah i was raceing. he said ok, and went to his car. he came back and said i'm giving u a warning, if u wouldnt have admited it u would have a $288 6 point ticket. i have a clean driving record so i was VERY lucky.
You have too be careful near highway 100. Fuzzies litter the streets!! Seen as many as 4 cars pulled by 2 squads. Must have been racing!?! :mad:
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