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Question: Opel Astra & Vauxhaul VXR ?????

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Hey all,

I was watching the Speed Channel the other day and British Touring Car Racing came on...anyway one of the cars was a Vauxhaul VXR something...looked awesome, dead ringer for the Opel Astra.

If anyone doesn't know Opel/Vauxhaul/etc are all under GM, and these cars use the platform that the Delta platform was derived from. And as we know the Delta platfrom is what the Chevy Cobalt SS/Saturn Ion RL/Pontiac Pursuit are all based upon.

Anyway, I wanted to know if anyone knew what the model Vauxhaul this was and furthermore if there was anyway we could get our hands on the performance parts they use. I'd imagine that because these cars are all based off of very similar platforms and might very well have the same 2.0L ecotecs we could easily take advantage of some of the performance parts they might have.

I know the VXR Vauxhaul's are pretty sick versions of the normal Vauxhauls, much like the SRT guys for DCX, AMG for Merc and SS for us so if anyone here knows of the euro parts available, these cars in general or anything else, that would definitely be kewl. :D

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