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Here we go again...
Sat 7/21/07 Rage Dyno Dayz #2

This time with prize money.

Win 20% of the total take for your class.. minimum of $60 per class.

Entry fee $60 includes 3 dyno pulls. The highest pull wins the pot.

SRT Classes

Stock turbo housing.

Stg 3 housing.

Big turbo.

Other Makes

4 cyl NA
4 cyl turbo/nos/supercharged

6 cyl Na
6 cyl t/n/s

8cyl na
8cyl t/n/s

10/12 cyl na
10/12 cyl t/n/s

It pays to dyno with Rage!!!!

Remember to bring your friends!!! You could win their cash.. and braggin rights..!!!

It's safer than street racing and you can't get dead or arrested!!!

This is open for all cars.. as long as there 2wd..

All makes and models welcome!

Sorry no dually's can dyno (they cant fit threw the bay door)


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I'll post address and directions later. Its right around the corner form towers just to give u an idea of the location
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