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On MAY 27TH there will be a Cruize Night in Waco. The past 4 years that i have gone its had a BIG turnout. People of all ages go to this 3-4 mile strip in the middle of Waco, on Valley Mills Drive(hence the name"Rally on the Valley") and sit on the side of the road, while numerous cars cruize up and down this strip. There were people from all over that had came to Waco jsut for this Cruize Night. It starts getting packed around 6-7ish. So be there by then, or it'll be hard to find a good spot.

Heres my plans. I want to call up Waco Dodge, since they are located right in the middle of this strip, to see if we could save us like 10 spots for the SRT's to park. McDonalds, Sonics, Burger King, Fuddruckers are all within walking distance from this location, so getting something to eat will not be hard to do. So you think sitting in front of Waco Dodge would be a Good idea or not?? LMK what ya'll think, and I'll give them a call this week.

Again, its on MAY 27th, other people start getting there around 4ish, so get there around that time if you want a parking spot. I'm gonna try and get some parking spots reserved for us on the front row of Waco Dodge parking lot.

Post up who all wants to go......

Waco Dodge
1220 North Valley Mills Drive
Waco Texas, 76710

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