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Hey buddy,

I'm the gray '06 VW GLI that hung around with you on I40 for about two hours or so. I thought I'd try to catch you on here (if you're a member). Sorry we didn't get to play around much but there were just too many trucks and LOTS of fuzz around (plus the wife was protesting and just had her nails done... I wasn't interested in any puncture wounds on my arm). We were on our way to see Jim Gaffigan here in Nashville.

You actually saved my butt one of those times... I saw you "brake and duck" into the right lane and I thought "what's he doing? ...UH OH!" Well for some reason I had muted the V1 and when I looked down it showed a full "KA" signal straight ahead :eek:

Good looking car - are those the factory wheels? They looked to be dark gray, almost graphite in color. Sharp car, man!

Take it easy,

That GLI Guy
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