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RK Sport Turbo Sport Style Ram Air Hood

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I think this hood (Offered by Gravana Tuning) looks pretty sweet and would be a nice edition to my Cobalt SS however I had a couple questions for Gravana so I sent them an email, and they shot me a reply within an hour (great customer service) however the answers to my questions werent the ones I was hoping for :( Heres my email with the response....

Hello, my name is Joe Spicuzza, and I am writing this email to inquire about the RK Sport Turbo Sport Style Ram Air Hood which you are current offering for sale on your website. I have just purchased a 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt SS (2.0 Liter Supercharged) and had a couple questions about this Ram Air Hood. On your site under its description the hood is listed as being a functional Ram Air Hood and which offers added performance, and that leads me to my first question, how is the hood "functional" and what would differ it from being "non functional". My second question is, am I able to order this pre-painted to match the color of my car (Arrival Blue Metallic). I appreciate all of your help, I am really excited about the projects you are currently working on, can't wait till the dual-charger Turbo upgrad is available, keep up the good work guys!


Joe Spicuzza

and here's their response...


Thank you for the email. Functional in the case of the RK Sport Hood just means that it allows air to flow into the engine compartment. However, it does not allow heat extraction. We are currently working on a hood that will allow cool air in and hot air out. We expect it to be available in November. Due to problems with shipping damage, we do not offer hoods painted.


Anyways just thought I would share this info with you guys, I thought the hood was pretty nice but its not truely functional, and being over $600 usd shipped unpainted is in my opinion a little too much... however the hood he talked about due in November sounds pretty appealing... I keep my eyes open for it...
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yeah that is a very good looking hood... keep us informed
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