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this is my first four cylinder car so i dont really know where the rpms should be at when im going a certain speed. when im cruisin at 80 my rpms are at 3000. is this normal?
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I cannot tell you for certain if it is for this particular car, but when you are cruising at 3000 rpms at 80mph, does your engine seem 'loud'? Or does it seem like it just wants to take off?(ok this is a bad question for the Cobalt)...
it doesnt neccassarily sound loud. if i drop it to fourth it will take off but i dont like cruisin at high speeds because im just not used to the rpms being so high. if someone tells me thats normal then i'd be fine with it im just worried im going to blow my engine or something.
thanks 87CamaroPA thats what i wanted to hear.
I believe that is about where my RPM's are at, at that speed, and it feels natural to me.
alright. whats the highest speed you think is cool to steadily drive at. like for an hour long trip or something?
Actually as fast as you think you can legally get away with, and how often you want to stop for gas. As long as your not right at red line with it for an hour or so, you should be safe..
It's fine. Drive as fast as you want - you'll get a ticket & have to slow down before you hurt the engine. :)
awesome. thats the best news ive heard all day
you just gotta get used to driving a 4 banger, sport compacts have to get their power from revs, and they are built to be able to take it. i would guess that the lsj would be fine if someone raised the rev limiter 500. your not gonna hurt your car unless you do a 5-3 downshift @ 90 mph
80 @3k is what i get too... not too worried, as i learned stick on a metro (80 was about 4-5k, and damn scary at that) LOL! not sure as far as mileage goes, but again, 3k sounds normal to me at this point
Check out the speed /rpm gear ratio chart in the PDF attached to this post
80 @ 3000 RPM's is normal..... Cruisin at 60 im hittin 2400 RPM's....
In the redline, and i think the tranny is the exact same along with the final drive (different sized wheels tho) our gearing goes...for every 1000 rpms in first, you go 5 mph faster. For every 1k in second, 10 mph. For every 1k in 3rd, 15mph. And so on, adding 5 mph for each gear so in 5ht gear, 3000 rpms should be 75 and with your bigger wheels, 80 mph.
thanks everyone for letting me know im good to go. how about today i was driving for some lunch and this guy in a van pulls out in my lane and goes slow. ( i hate that more than anything) so i drop to second pull in front of him then slam on my brakes, in the rear view mirror all i see is his face going 'OH SHIT' as he slams on his brakes. then i took off. made my day. sorry i just thought that was a funny story
When I left work yesterday, I hit I-30 and ran her up to 120MPH real quick, forgot to check the RPMS(to busy looking for 5O :D ). I had my window down without the tint falling off my back window(sorry, from another topic :rolleyes: )at that speed. But I did notice the headliner was jittering like an over charged vibrator.. Later I ran 80MPH for about 20 minutes with the window down trying to find out where the actual noise of the vibration was coming from in the headliner. I pulled back the sunroof cover, :eek: and I swear my sunroof was trying to come open it was vibrating so hard. It appears if you have the window(at least the drivers window)down at high speeds, it forces air up in between the pocket in the headliner, and you can't miss the noise it makes.
Anyone else experience this?
im on the highway like 3 times a week and just about always have the windows down when im going about 80, usually i have the sunroof open but not always. anyways iv never noticed that
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