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hey everyone i know ive been m.i.a again but just looking for input

last week car went to the dealer *AGAIN!* i was throwing a p0455 code (did the basic gas cap etc etc etc stuff) finaly took it in a rat chewed through a evap line that was cover by the gas tank .. (300 + bucks later) i got my car back


a week later. im driving and i get on it a little bit. and it seems to stumble but picks right back up i ignore it next morning nail it runs fine

now today

im coming to work and i wouldnt say im on the gas hard but more than normal maybe 50mph in 3rd..... and the car shakes a tiny amount i guess is the best way to put it i happen to look down and see the check engine light flashing
so i get a budy to come out with me i get on it harder.. and id say i hit the top of 3rd maybe ... and right before i let off the flashing engine light happend again (but this does not happen all the time) these are the first times i got the light.. before it would stumble a little but the stumbling doesnt always hapen
so im guessing 1 of 2 things

MAF sensor dirty


spark plugs

just wanting to know if you all have ever had this issue or think it maybe something else

2010 ss
14000 miles...

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car is now at the dang dealership for the 2nd time in 2 weeks makes trip iunno 30 or or so since i got her 3 years ago again 14k miles!

had a buddy scan it the code was p0301 misfire etc etc

so i took to the dealer not knowiing my buddy cleard the code luckly it started doing the blinking thng on the way to the dealer needelss to say it can be up to a week before get her back and god knows the cost if its not covered on powertrain

but anways on the driive the car started backfiring bad firecracker crazy type lol.. and underload was bucking like a person learning to driiive stick "that bad" but still no solid cel

i wont know untill tomorrow if the car will even been seen by monday but iill update when ii iget updates incase any of you get thisi iissuee (this dam keyboard is about to get snaped wiith its double letters to!!!! *roar face*

::::::::::::::UPDATE #2

they checkd the plugs and coils. still getting the missfire.. nothing more to report. hopefully the tech feels liike being niice and workiing tomorrow .. then ill know for sure.

::::::::::::::::::::PDATE #3
chevy just called to let me know what theyve found today.. the issue is the injecters which is what i believed it to be after the plugs and coils checked out..... told me its not covered etc which i knew but they where going to do a good will for me and cover it cause it was a 2 grand bill if they didnt and my car only has 14k miles and ive gotten them alot of sales etc.. thank god a dealer ship that actully isnt about just taking ur money..... the cause was alot of carbon build up. i always put 93 octane gas in it but in the end i guess it is my fault 3 year old car 14k miles just needs to be driven more im thinking... but in the end i have to pay for a oil change and valve cleaning so like 350 $ alot better than 2 grand !!!!!! car will be done friday hopefully and ill return from NC sat to hopefully a 100% fixed car and happy :D
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