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Little xmas present for everyone

This is for an 05 redline, but theres a ton of info you guys can use aswell.

Some of you probobly know where this information came from, dont ask if you dont know. I'll probobly get in trouble for this and be asked to take it down, but for now it's here and ill just move it if need be.

Just so everyone knows, I basically ripped this from another source, so alot of the links dont work correctly and alot of the information is still being compiled. The engine and clutch info is complete for the most part and has taken me about 6 hours or so to get working correctly. Wiring, suspension, interior and exterior and all the DTC info will probobly take me another 10 or so.

ps, i dont even get close to my monthly bandwidth allowance... if anyone wants webspace you could have

edit: just noticed some pages in the cooling section are missing pictures, will be fixed next time i upload.
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