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Saturn RedLine header will it fit?

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Saturn RedLine headers are selling now. The first Cobalt SS owner in So-cali is weclome to contact us for a test fit.
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Which headers are on the redline? and which ones for the cobalt?
I read that these will greatly improve the potential of the cobalt SS. Myself, if i decide on this car, will probably go the twincharge way :)
I don't know if I am the first but can i get a test fit???
Damn, keep finding these old threads guys. The header will fit, the differences in the exhaust are in the dp and some of the hangers. Other than that, the header is the same.
Yeah, except you would NEVER want this header!
Rice just got a 'new' one from him as well, looks just as bad as all the other ones, and it came missing stuff as well...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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