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Here are the finishing numbers for the SCCA meet in the Oracle Arena of Oakland California.

Sunday March 22 2009

2 Martin Lara #7 07 Cobalt SS

That was the record for my car when I ran that day. And that is not with slicks either.... That was with my BFGoodrich's. The week after, I entered again and shaved 3 seconds just putting on bald tires.

Here is my buddy too.

5 Sanjeev Chand #4 74 Datsun 260Z

He didn't run 4 laps for some strange reason.... But that was my old car that I sold to him :).

RWD>FWD?? Not really.... he got good suspension mods (coilovers and swaybars and gutted the whole cars and pretty bald tires pushing about 220hp to the crank with a turbo). And he still finished worst than me. And I beat an RX-8 that was pretty modded and had slicks.... Check out the times.

Week later Sunday March 29 2009

fun4-stx Martin Lara 7 07 Chevy Cobalt SS
3rd52.936(2) These cones I didn't even touch. Funny thing was that I came so close to them that the air pressure given off from my car's side blew them over. Each cone=2 seconds. So I really got a 48.50. Dammit!:D

Like I said, I will post the pics later so that you guys check the scene out.


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Here are the pics that I promised:

(This was before I went out to race)

(This was at the line up for the class that was running next)

(And this was the helmet that I borrowed for the race on my seat)

(This is the helmet that I purposely bought for the events which I forgot to take 03/22)
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