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SCCA Solo events

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Thinking of joining the SCCA and entering some local solo events. No competition licence or roll cage required. Just a helmet. It'll be hard on the car, but I don't plan on doing it alot, just from time to time. Anyone else doing this in their Cobalt? If so, hows your car doing in it's class?
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My car does really well in its stock class even though I dont have the limited slip. These cars handle very well stock. With lowering springs it will be even better. Ive done about 3 autocrosses in my SS/SC since Ive had it. And many more in my dads Z06 . But the SS is still as fun to drive as the Z06.
Just be sure if you mod that you'll most likely put yourself in another class so if you dont want to end up in a street mod class read to see what your allowed to do within the class you want to stay.
Im not certain but you might be in SM or STU. you can find out on the scca site. they have a book you can look at that will have all the classes.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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