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SES light

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the ss now has a little over 2000 miles. i changed the oil @1600 miles. today the SES light came on :mad: , took it to the dealer............luckily it was only the mass air sensor that had worked itself loose and came unplugged some how or another.......sheeeewwww...had me worried for afew minnutes :)
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Ronnie Pendergrass said:
I used MObil 1 5W-30 and a Wix filter(thats what is on the oil cap.... I would guess it was factory filled with Mobil 1), as for the seven quarts, if i read correctly it only calls for 5 quarts. <---correct me if i am wrong so i can add the two extra quarts. As for the sensor coming loose it was just something that worked itself loose. It came on once and i scanned it with my OBD scanner and it said "description unavailable" So i just cleared the code and drove the car somemore and after about 4-5 hours it came back on so i just to it back to the dealer and they are the ones who told me it was just a sensor loose, maybe just a lazy person somewhere along the line just didnt push it in all the way. Ohh well no harm no foul!!!
WOW man that was lucky nothing was seirously wrong.
Ronnie Pendergrass said:
Well it was too good to be true!!! the light came back on today, it is throwing......... P0603 which is the "Powertrain Control Module Keep Alive Memory(KAM)" Any ideas what this might be? :confused: :mad:

WHAT!?!?!?! Hummm...... well that sucks what the hell is going on? :confused: :(
CoBIZZLE said:
I dont know but the term "POWERTRAIN CONTROL MODULE" sounds serious. If it was me I would get back to the dealer ASAP!!
I would be getting the car right back to the dealer so fast.
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