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SFPH now has the NGK BKR7E Copper Tipped Sparkplugs!

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Like the title mentions, we now have the one range colder NGK BKR7E Copper Tipped Sparkplugs, for those running th DUB 3.25" Pulley Unit, or smaller Supercharger Pulley. These are one range colder than stock, plus require gapping them at exactly .035. Hope this helps, as check them out here:
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colder then stock? i though you would wana go hotter..? and what about programmers any yet??
When you up the boost on a Forced inducted motor, you need to go a range colder, a hotter spark plug would raise the temperatures in the cylinders and cause detonation. When you get a smaller pulley , you need to go colder than stock and get some tuning.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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