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orange juice said:
New site's always take a little while to get going. I've helped run quite a few and its the same outcome. Just takes a little time. Also the SS is just now hitting the streets so I'm sure as more and more get test driven, bought and the word gets out, this site will take off rahter quickly.

I've been here since this place opened the doors, well since Ekool put the link up on srtforums hehe just rarely post. Its always good to know your competetion and to learn about the guy next to you in the staging lane. Knowledge is key IMHO. I'm here to learn and talk with fellow car enthusiasts.

CoBizzle, at first I noticed you were a bit hesitant at the abundance of us neon...err...SRt owners but as of lately, I've seen you come around. Its not true what most people think of us SRT owners. There will always be a few bad apples in any specific car group albeit VW, Honda/Acura, Dodge, you name it they are there. It just sucks because everyone usueally thinks from speculation all of us are some cocky kids with a high strung "teh neon is fast3r" attitude. Sadly thats far from the truth. I'm a 27 year old engineer who respects all car enthusiats just like the next guy. It just sucks so many people hate on our cars due to people before us giving us a bad rep.

very well said....

Also, i think we should get up a pool of who is going to make a 1000 post first. Refering to Cobizzle & 87 Camaro....everytime i come here they always closer to each other posts & the highest posters....
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