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Hello, my name is Stacy and I am a member of SoCalEcotecs Car Club, more commonly known as SCE. We've been around since 2006 and are looking for more enthusiasts about the Ecotec engine. We have no membership requirements as far as modding or car make/model are concerned. The only requirement that we have is that you have an Ecotec powered car (i.e. Chevy Cobalt, Pontiac G5, Saturn Ion, & etc). We aren't looking for the fastest or the best looking ecotec-powered car around; we are looking for good quality members to hangout with and share our passion of the Ecotec Engine. We are growly at a very extensive rate and hope to see you become our newest member.
We have 1 official meet every month at different locations to ensure that each member has a fair chance to make it out to a meet. We try and have as high attendance as possible and we like to try and make our meets fun and exciting. Our October meet took place at Neptune's Net up in Malibu (this is where the scene after the Ferrari race took place in the 1st F&F movie) & we did a canyon cruise after we ate. This January 2011 our meet is going to be an install meet for anybody that has parts to be installed for their car & we will also arrange a BBQ and plenty of beverages to accommodate.
Note: We do not have any rivalries or any sort of competitions with any other car club, we just attempt to be the best and biggest club we can be.

Note: Im not trying top take any forum members away from this site as this is a source of info to the cars with Ecotec motors. We are just trying to establish a succesful car club in SoCal, while metting new people with the same interest.

We have members in the following regions/counties:
- Inland Empire
- Los Angeles
- Orange County
- Riverside
- San Bernardino
- San Diego

Below is our website:
SoCal Ecotec Forum
Be sure to create an account, its free just like CSS & we will be sure to talk to you.

Below here is our Blog:
SoCal Ecotecs
this is where we post pictures from meets and events that we attend

Below here is our Email:
[email protected]
send an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can

Join our FaceBook Group:
Welcome to Facebook

Follow us on FaceBook:
SoCalEcotecs | Facebook

Here are some of the pictures of our cars:


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We have 1 Official Monthly meet to track events, canyon runs, install meets and much more.
We also have unofficial meets to go to canyon runs or just hang out and grab a bite.
Besides being a car crew we're all good friends that love our cars, and like to hang out whenever and wherever!

On to the pics of members cars.
Last minute Azusa run
Will- Rally Yellow 07' SS/SC
Andrew -Sport Red Tint 07' SS/SC
Stacy - Victory Red 05' SS/SC
Raul - Laser Blue Metallic 07' SS/SC
Joey - Black 06' SS/SC


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Hey my name is David I am in a club out here in Mississippi and I'm taking a cross country trip to cali for 6 weeks if you don't mind I would like to meet up with you guys. I will be there from 13 feb to 25 march I have an 09 turbo cobalt I have done alot to it take a look if you would like. I grew up down in san fernando valley so this is like coming home for me. Hope to hear from you. david
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