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hey guys im from the SRTFORUMS... and looking to get an IE meet together with some different types of cars... if anyone is interested we are meeting for the first time on 12/31 at CITRUS PLAZA in Redlands.... im lookin to set up a combined meet on a MONTHLY BASIS... we plan to meet on the LAST SATURDAY or each MONTH at NOON... so far ive invited the SRT-4s from the IE area, the Lancer RalliArts and Evos from and the 3G Eclipse's from if you guys are interested email me [email protected] if you need any more info... I also invited the WRX guys but they havnt made a response yet... look forward to seeing some of u there!

Where: Citrus Plaze in Redlands. BevMo/Petco/David Bridal parking lot
When: December 31 @ Noon
What: Coffee, BevMo run for New Years, Fast Cars and Fat Security Guard(s).
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